Fire Safety Emergency Lighting For Holiday Homes: What Do You Need?

As many holiday let owners will know by now there are new Government regulations coming in to place for holiday homes In England & Wales. As of October 1st 2023 these Fire Safety Regulations will become a requirement as part of the guidelines on 'Making your small paying guest accommodation safe from fire'

In the Government guidelines it states that holiday homes or small-paying-guest accommodation must supply sufficient emergency lighting, this is where we come in. 

Xtralite has become one of the most reliable, affordable and customer-focused brands supplying emergency and power failure lighting. Our 6 main night light & motion sensor models within NiteSafe range all come with power failure functionality as well as a host of other features that are great for offering peace of mind. 

Let's break down the actual content from the Government guidance so we can let you know which Xtralite torches to purchase for your holiday let.

"Normal light switches should be easy to find. You should think about whether, if a fire interrupts the electrical supply, any ‘borrowed lighting’ (e.g. from nearby street lighting) would be adequate to allow people to find their way out. If not, you can replace or enhance existing light fittings with emergency escape lights, which have internal batteries that power the light in the event of a mains failure, at a reasonably low cost. These are recommended, particularly in hallways and staircases that may be difficult for guests to navigate in darkness should the mains power fail. However, in the smallest premises, it may be acceptable to rely on rechargeable torches that illuminate automatically if the electrical supply fails. In that case, you should have one in each bedroom, with a sign that explains their function."

Xtralite NiteSafe Torch - £19.99

The NiteSafe torch is the only model that comes in black, it resembles a classic 'torch' style and come with a weatherproof & easy-grip casing. The induction charging technology makes this a full rechargeable torch as it doesn't require battery changes, it stays charged from the mains socket.

Main Features:

  • Induction Charging - Plug In To A Wall Socket To Charge
  • Instant Power Cut Lighting - Torch LED Will Turn On
  • Weatherproof Coating - Ideal If It's Raining & You're required To Wait Outdoors In The Event Of A Fire
  • Lightweight & Easy To Hold
  • 1x 80 Lumen Super Bright LED Light
  • Last Up To 8 Hours On Low Light & 3 Hours On High Light
  • 4 Torch Modes - Hi Beam, Low Beam, Flashing, Off
  • Orange Low Beam Night Light When Plugged In To A Wall Socket
  • Please Note The Night Light Feature Can Not Be Turned Off

Following on from this information, the guidelines also state:

"It is also possible to obtain “night lights” that remain plugged into sockets and provide lighting when the normal lighting is switched off or fails. (The sockets can still be used normally, by plugging electrical appliances into the night light.) If electrical sockets 18 A guide to making your small paying-guest-accommodation safe from fire Fire protection measures are located on escape routes, these can provide illumination of the escape route, but can also be removed from the socket for use as a torch."

All of our NiteSafe torches are to be used by plugging them into an electrical socket to charge, each model comes with it's own base/charging cradle which features induction charging technology. This means that as the torch sits inside it's cradle it will continue to charge and hold charge until the unit is removed from the cradle to be used as a torch or light. The batteries never need to be replaced in our NiteSafe models.

NiteSafe Duo - £18.95

The Duo is our lowest cost unit at the moment, and is part of the NiteSafe Duo range. This compact LED torch has dual functionality meaning you can choose between a constant night light or a motion-sensor light. As with all of the NiteSafe torches it has instant power failure technology and the top LED light will illuminate if a power outage is detected. 

Main Features:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Compact Size
  • Dual Night Light & Motion Sensor Options - 6 LEDs (20 Lumens)
  • The Sliding Switch On The Side Of The Torch Allow You To Toggle Between Modes
  • Automatic Power Failure Light - 4 LEDs (40 Lumens)
  • Sensor Distance: 2-4 Meters
  • Lasts Up To 2 Hours On Power Failure Mode
  • Please Note The Night Light Feature Can Not Be Turned Off


The Duo + - £21.95

The Duo + is the larger version of the standard Duo, it has the same features as the Duo but has more LEDs and will stay charged for longer. 

Main Features:

  • Dual Night Light & Motion Sensor Function
  • Press The Button On The Back Of The Unit While It's In The Cradle To Switch Between Modes
  • Automatic Power Failure Light
  • Torch Has 4 Modes - Top Light, Front Light, Flasher & Off
  • 60 Lumen LEDS
  • Sensor 3-4m
  • Last Up To 10 Hours On Power Failure Mode
  • Please Note The Night Light Feature Can Not Be Turned Off

Duo Lux - £24.50

The Duo Lux is at the higher-end of the the Duo range and offers a thin, sleek, modern style of night light that may be more in keeping with modern or luxury holiday lets. The Duo Lux has the same main functions are the other Duos with dual nightlight and motion sensor features.

Main Features:

  • Modern Style
  • Dual Nightlight & Motion Sensor Features
  • Toggle Between Modes By Pressing The Button On The Side
  • Automatic Power Failure Light
  • 5 LED Torch (60 Lumens)
  • 6 LED Front Light (20 Lumens)
  • 4 Torch Modes - Top Light, Front Light, Flashing, Off
  • Sensor Distance Up To 4m
  • Lasts Up To 8 Hours On Power Failure Mode
  • Please Note The Night Light Feature Can Not Be Turned Off

NiteSafe Maxi:

The maxi is one of our most popular models as it's the only model that has the option to have the night light turned off. This can be a real selling point for rental owners that want to have the unit plugged in in bedrooms but don't want to disturb guests sleep with a constant night light.

Main Features:

  • Automatic Power Failure - Top 10 LEDs Will Turn On In The Event Of A Power Cut
  • Automatic Dusk Till Dawn Night Light - Put The Sliding Switch Into The Off Position To Turn Off The Night Light Feature
  • The Torch Offers 4 Modes - Auto Hi, Auto Lo, Emergency Flashing & Off
  • The Torch Will Last Up To 15 Hours On The Auto Lo Mode When Outside Of The Cradle
  • Night Light Is 6 LEDs (15 Lumens) & The Torch Is 10 LEDs (60 Lumens) 
  • Induction Charging Charging Base
  • This Is The Only Model Currently That Can Have The Night Light Turned Off But Will Still Turn On In A Power Cut

 NiteSafe Sensor II

The Sensor II will light up when motion is detected in darkness or can be used as a Dusk Till Dawn Night Light. This torch can be spun around in it's cradle to capture the motion rom different angles if required, or you could spin it to face the wall and the motion sensor will not activate at all. The sensor II has the brightest LEDs in the range currently.

Main Features:

  • Motion Sensor Torch - Activates In Darkness When Motion Is Detected
  • Automatic Power Failure Light - 130 Lumen COB Light
  • 4 Torch Modes - Auto Hi (130 Lumens) Auto Lo (15 Lumens), Emergency Flashing & Off
  • Press The Button When The Torch Is In The Cradle To Switch Between Motion Sensor & Night Light Modes
  • 40 Lumen 5 LED Front Night Light/Sensor Light
  • Sensor Range : 2-3 Meters
  • Super Bright COB LEDs
  • The Motion Sensor & Night Light Features Can Not Be Turned Off

 If you require any further information on our power failure lights please feel free to Contact Us.

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