Why Should I Buy A NiteSafe Rechargeable Torch?

Looking for a rechargeable torch but not sure how they work or which one to get? Our NiteSafe Torch ticks a lot of boxes, with a whole host of features that are sure to give you peace of mind when you need it most. 

Part of our NiteSafe power failure range, the torch is one of our most popular models as it has a classic torch style and is currently the only model that comes in black.

Rechargeable & Ready To Use

The NiteSafe Torch is rechargeable via an induction charged plug-in base that simply goes in to your main socket. The torch sits inside the cradle base and pulls charge via the main so that it's constantly ready to be used. The cost of having one of our induction charging bases plugged in is minimal and in comparison to the hassle and price of buying batteries it's a much more convenient option. 

Power Failure Technology

As with all of the NiteSafe models the torch has an immediate power failure light which will automatically turn on the top torch light. This allows you to see a clear source of light should there be a power cut. Simply slide the torch from it's cradle and you can begin to use the different torch modes. 

Press the button on the torch and you can move between a high beam light, lower beam light and an emergency SOS light that flashes on and off. This torch is ideal if you're looking for an exit, keys, a fuse box etc. as well as complying with emergency light fire regulations.

How Long Does The Charge Last?

Once the torch has been removed from the cradle it will last up to 8 hours on the Auto Lo torch setting and up to 3 hours on the Auto Hi setting. The torch needs to be allowed to charge for 24 hours initially upon it's first use. To recharge it simply slide it back into the base with the wall plug switched on.

LED Light

The NiteSafe torch comes with a super bright 80 lumen LED light, LEDs are known to be long-lasting with up to 50,000 hours of light. Not only do LEDs use less energy but they also stay cool to the touch meaning you won't have any worry about the light getting hot when in use. 


The torch has a weatherproof coating that allows it to be used outside in rain or light showers, this gives you peace of mind should you need to go outside during an emergency. It also makes a great light for dog walking or sorting through the loft!

What Else Can It Do?

So if all that wasn't enough the torch also comes with a subtle night light, that is ideal for lighting up doorways, exits, stairways and the like for some extra visibility during the night. 

This style of nightlight can be ideal for the elderly or lower mobility as it offers a light to showcase stairs, steps, and guides you to a source of light if you need one. 

Ideal for homes, garages, outbuildings and the like this NiteSafe rechargeable torch gives you all the features of a classic torch with extra peace of mind. 

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