Xtralite Desk Magnifier
close up of the illuminated light
Looking at the magnifier from the top
Magnifier neck bent completely over
Close up view of the touch buttons
Chart showing the light colour settings
Xtralite Desk Magnifier side on shot
close up view of the power socket

Xtralite LED Desk Lamp With Magnifier

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  • The Xtralite LED Desk Magnifier Lamp boasts a powerful 490 lumens of flicker free bright LED light making any object clearly visible when looking through the magnifier. With the tap of the touch sensitive buttons you can adjust the light temperature between warm, daylight or cool to give you the perfect light for any situation, and not only can you chose the colour range you can also switch between low, medium or high. Holding the brightness button allows you to make finer dimming adjustments giving you absolute control.

    LED's also operate more economically, great for your pocket and the planet. The 3.5inch/9cm lens allows you to view a generous area, coupled with the 3x magnification no job should ever be too small.

    Convenient to use, the adjustable neck will allow you to place the magnifier head in the ideal position every-time.

    • 3.5 Inch Magnifier at 3x Magnification
    • Light Output: 490 Lumens - Colour Temperatures: 2800K-6500K - Warm, Daylight & Cool
    • Flexible Neck allows you to conveniently place the light and magnifier wherever it's needed
    • Touch Sensitive On/Off Switch with 9 combinations of light modes
    • Energy Saving LED Light
    • Powered by a 1.8m AC Adaptor (Included)
    • W150mm x L150mm x H535mm (at full stretch)
  • Download Manual

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